What’s in a Word?

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that my friend was complaining about all the money she spent on hair products while trying to find the right ones for her hair type. I gave her some suggestions on different Mane ‘n Tail grooming solutions that might work for her. But I also encouraged her to read […]

Get up to speed!

Have you noticed an influx of new members at your gym? Have your coworkers been eating more salads lately? Have you had trouble getting an appointment with your hair dresser? It’s all about New Year’s Resolutions. The beginning of every year has people contemplating their lives and making decisions to implement some changes. Diet, exercise […]

Olive Oil for Your Health and Hair

A few weeks ago I blogged about the practice of using mayo and raw eggs in your hair. Although it’s not a practice I recommend, these ingredients can be beneficial to your hair. Is there another way to get the same results without the mess and embarrassment of egg in your hair? In my research, […]

New Year’s Resolution: No more tangles!

When I was younger, my unruly hair brought me and my mother much despair. I have vivid memories of her dragging that comb through my hair, telling me to stop squirming. How could I? It felt like she was ripping my hair out at the roots. But I loved my long hair and refused to […]

Damaged? Unmanageable? Not Your Hair!

Knowing I write blogs about hair and hair care, a friend of mine asked me for some advice. A beautiful African American woman, my friend has coarse hair that she finds unmanageable. She told me she’s spent a ton of money on products, trying different brands and formulas to see what might work on her […]

Braids, so much more than a hairstyle

I love braids. I love how easy it can be to style your hair using a simple braid. I love how versatile a braid can be – a loose braid and a sundress creates a very different look compared to an angled french braid and a cocktail dress. I love how you can braid your […]

Color Me Winter!

There’s a change in the air, can you feel it? Meteorologists will say there’s a low pressure system moving in, bringing with it a shift in the temperatures. Animals are growing out their winter coats, squirrels are storing away nuts, and flowers and trees begin to shed their leaves, minimizing their needs for nutrients. Sweaters […]

Itchy Scalp?

Last blog I talked about dandruff and how Mane ‘n Tail’s Daily Control Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner can help control it. Dandruff is a common problem and easily treatable, but if you’ve been using our Shampoo and Conditioner and the problem isn’t getting better, you might have a slighter more serious skin condition, either psoriasis […]

Stay Flake Free!

Dandruff is common and rarely serious. It’s not contagious, but sometimes embarrassing. Don’t worry – in its mildest form, dandruff is easy to control and Mane ‘n Tail can help! How do you know if you have dandruff? There are other common skin problems, like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, that have symptoms similar to dandruff. […]

What do I do with a pomade?

Beauty products are a big market and sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed in the hair care aisle. One kind of product offered by Mane ‘n Tail that you might not be all that familiar with is our line of pomades. Our pomades are used by a variety of people with different types of hair. I […]


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