NYE Times Square Destinee Quinn and Mane ‘n Tail

Singer/Songwriter Destinee Quinn has been a Mane ‘n Tail devotee since she was 8 years old! She discovered the secret to long, gorgeous, soft, silky, shiny hair! The Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner! Check out what Destinee is up to these days: Friend Her On Facebook


Last week’s blog was about how Mane ‘n Tail listens to its users to develop and improve their hair care product line. Part of that process includes listening to what people are chatting about on our social media outlets. Our Twitter account was on fire with Morgan Spurlock’s promotion of our involvement in his documentary, […]

Listen to Your Hair. We do.

Healthy hair normally has a moisture content of approximately 12%. Fall below that and your hair becomes dry, frizzy, tangling easy and developing more split ends. Moisturizing your hair really means maintaining your hair’s oil balance. Your scalp produces the best natural moisturizer, but once the hair does not have direct contact with the scalp, […]

Ringing in the New Year with Bangs

Kim Kardashian kicked off the New Year with a bang! Literally, at a New Year Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas, she wore her long hair straight down with bangs. Clip-in bangs or not, her long hairstyle looked stylish and luxurious. That shiny, slick look is attainable, even for those of us who rang in […]

Deck Your ‘Do

With the winter wind whipping your hair across your face, you’re probably looking for something to hold it into place. According to Essence Magazine, trendsetters are putting a sophisticated spin on hair accessories by crowning their manes with baubles that feature embroidery, beading, and vintage bling. From elegant clips, sparkly bobby pins to ponytail-transforming sparkly […]

Over the river and through the woods

Whether you are visiting Grandma’s house for the holidays or taking some time off, photos will be taken! Look your best and remember to pack those hair care essentials! Here are a few tips from celebrity stylist, Angelo David of Angelo David Salon in New York City. 1. Both hot and cold weather can make […]

New York City… Discovers the Secret!

We like to be where the action is this holiday season and what better place than in the middle of Times Square in NYC? Last year we had the opportunity to become larger than life in Times Square with the High Definition 16’ x 9 ‘ MTV electronic billboard over the Footlocker Store, one of […]

Big Girls, Don’t Cry

This story is out of Hudson, New York: Fun, creative, durable hair accessories that accommodate the ever-so-smooth baby-fine texture and short lengths of children’s hair are hard to find. So Jillian, a New York state mother who yearned to decorate her daughter’s hairdo, decided to make clips that adhered to her daughter’s hair, while also […]

Avoid Jack Frost’s Hair Wrecking Wrath

Try rubbing a balloon on your head, rubbing a plastic ruler with paper, or dragging your sneakers on the carpet. What do you get? Static electricity. This also happens when you take off your wool hat in the wintertime. Static electricity is more noticeable in the winter when the air is very dry. Unfortunately, it’s […]

Weekend Hairstyle Ideas

Glamour Magazine rounded up some of their all-time favorite leisure-time looks. 1. Simple side twists, as modeled by Jessica Lowndes 2. The semi-twisty pony, as seen on the Carven runway last month 3. The almost side ponytail, as seen on British singer Alexandra Burke 4. Not half-up, but 1/4-up, as demonstrated by Blake Lively 5. […]


¡La plaza Times Square de la ciudad de Nueva York descubre el secreto!

¡Chequea el cartel electrónico de anuncios en la plaza Times Square de Nueva York durante las fiestas!

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