There is a hair DO in less than 10 minutes!

photo: angela+ityle.comGive me 10 minutes and I’ll give you 600 seconds. Give Kristin Ess from The Beauty Department 10 minutes and you’ll look pretty quick!

I’ve read plenty of lists of things you can do in under 10 minutes. Use a spare ten minutes to change one of the beds sheets. Watering, clipping, fertilizing, and rotating your plants toward sun can all be done in ten minutes. There are a lot of ten minute options when it comes to our pets: clean out pet dishes and refill, brush the dog, clip claws, change litter box, clean hamster/bird cage, replenish automatic water and/or food containers, play fetch, pet and rub bellies. Need more of these, click here.

But what if you’re running late and need your hair to look luxurious in under 10 minutes? According to Kristin Ess, this technique is ideal for anyone with straight or limp hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, blow it out the night before. Kristin’s goal with this is just to put some quick, polished curl from middle to ends of your hair so you don’t look too disheveled for work or school when you’re in a rush.

Find out the steps for waves in under 10 minutes.

Hair DO in less than 10 minutesReduce the time it takes to style your hair every day with the Mane ‘n Tail product line. A weightless conditioner that provides hair with just enough moisturizing benefits to detangle without buildup, try out our Gentle Replenishing Conditioner.

Bonus tip: A leave-in, long lasting shine spray that leaves your hair feeling instantly conditioned with a healthy looking high gloss finish, try out our leave-in spray treatment, Shine-On.

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