Big Girls, Don’t Cry

Kinder KlipThis story is out of Hudson, New York:

Fun, creative, durable hair accessories that accommodate the ever-so-smooth baby-fine texture and short lengths of children’s hair are hard to find. So Jillian, a New York state mother who yearned to decorate her daughter’s hairdo, decided to make clips that adhered to her daughter’s hair, while also mastering the art of hair bling that she has transformed into her own local enterprise. Since September of this year, Jillian Kassman and her mother Joy Tuczynski have been creating a wide array of charming hair accessories called Kinder Klips.

“We are a team and it is a mother-daughter thing,” says Jillian’s Mom, Joy. “It is nice to be a part of the community. I don’t think there are enough American-made products or that many local vendors around.”

“Little girls love their clips,” adds Jillian.

But, big girls love their longer hair!
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