Color Me Winter!

Color me winterThere’s a change in the air, can you feel it? Meteorologists will say there’s a low pressure system moving in, bringing with it a shift in the temperatures. Animals are growing out their winter coats, squirrels are storing away nuts, and flowers and trees begin to shed their leaves, minimizing their needs for nutrients. Sweaters replace tank tops in the clothing stores. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations fight for spaces on the shelf. We just changed our clocks for daylight savings. And you? You’re ready for a change as well and what a better place to start than with your hair color.

Besides going along with the change from season to season, there’s other reasons to dye your hair in the beginning of winter. One great reason is that your color will fade slower. “Now that the temps are cooler and you’re spending less time exposing your hair to the sun, it’s a great time to have that tidbit of color added to your hair,” writes Juliette Samuel, author of “Preparing Your Beautiful Black Hair for the Winter Season.”

And it’s not just the sun – moving indoors in the winter also keeps your new dye job away from other elements that can be harsh on your hair like wind, salty ocean water, pollen and dirt. Also, indoor, artificial light does not bring out the highlights and sparkle in your hair quite like natural sunlight, so adding some color will keep your hair shining even in the winter.

It may seem natural to dye your hair a few shades darker in the cold months. “In the winter time, hair has a tendency to dry out,” says Jason Althouse, a stylist at B2 Salon in Philadelphia. “Darker hair actually tends to look healthier and shinier.”

Color your hairBut visionary hair colorist, Damien Rayner suggests going lighter instead, being a “ray on sunshine” this season. “We tend to wear darker clothes in the winter and a darker hair color would just blend right in,” he explains.

Danielle Pargament with Glamour Magazine reminds us that picking your color has more to do with your skin tone and hair texture than with the time of year. “Pale and pinkish skin look best with blonde or light brown hair, while those who have medium or dark skin with yellow or golden undertones should go for more coppery auburns and dark browns. Your hair’s texture is also a factor. As a general rule, wavy hair can handle up to five or six shades of color, but if your hair is pin-straight, stick to more uniform color — highlights will look very obvious.”

Whatever color you decide, Mane ‘n Tail’s Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner will help make it last throughout the season. Use them together as a complete hair care system to maintain and prolong your hair color. Our products will clean and conditioner your hair without stripping, giving your hair long lasting body, shine and fullness while preserving its color.

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