Listen to Your Hair. We do.

MoisturizeHealthy hair normally has a moisture content of approximately 12%. Fall below that and your hair becomes dry, frizzy, tangling easy and developing more split ends.

Moisturizing your hair really means maintaining your hair’s oil balance. Your scalp produces the best natural moisturizer, but once the hair does not have direct contact with the scalp, these natural oils cannot be utilized throughout the hair shaft.

You want to lock the water from your shower into your hair to keep your hair soft and healthy looking. Mane ‘n Tail formulated conditioners do just that.

Starting with our Original Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner, which was originally created to promote fuller, stronger, flowing manes on show horses, people continue to discover this long hair solution for themselves. Branching out to tackle the effects of daily use of hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons, we developed Deep Moisturizing.

Feedback from our customers led us to create Color Protect Conditioner, which is available exclusively through Sally Beauty Supplies. The most positive comments are from users who said it helps maintain color treatments longer (when used after Color Protect Shampoo as a complete hair care system).

Let us know what suggestions you have. We listen.

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