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New Year's ResolutionHave you noticed an influx of new members at your gym? Have your coworkers been eating more salads lately? Have you had trouble getting an appointment with your hair dresser?

It’s all about New Year’s Resolutions. The beginning of every year has people contemplating their lives and making decisions to implement some changes. Diet, exercise and hair style are among the top categories when it comes to that change.

So when you finally do get that appointment with your stylist, what direction will you take when it comes to your hair? Wella Professionals’ Global Creative Directors predict four new hair trends for 2013, but with a twist. The trends are compiled using unique links between personality, music and color.

Let’s take a look:

FUSION: The Worldly Spirit
East meets West. Fusion embodies the contradictions of a modern day geisha meets club girl. There is a graceful and minimalistic elegance to this sculptured look. An example: a modern twist with a ponytail tied away from the crown and folded back on itself. For color, there is a shift away from the super natural hues into the more precious pastel territory to allow an altogether more sophisticated palette.

DECIBEL: The Vibrant Optimist
Decibel is creating the opposite of generic, pristinely finished hair, creating a more unfinished, raw look. Examples include a smooth and sleek top section contrasting with free and flowing mid-lengths or textured looks intensified by pops of virtual colors.

ECHO: The Emotional Tyrant
Echo is a reflection and reaction to the world’s current state of affairs and economic downturn. This trend represents the complicated, introverted personality that transcends to a hairstyle, creating an impression of a chic yet tormented soul. Examples include a windblown fishtail braid that gives a disheveled, yet complicated look. The colors of this trend are just as emotional with a mixture of natural and dense tones.

ALLEGRA: The Object of Beauty
Allegra is an extreme contradiction to Echo with healthy and clean hair embracing perfection. The color palette is a brazen gold, rose gold, platinum, green gold – all precious metals that are refined. Allegra offers clean lines, polished hair and a satiny glow alluding to this perfectly poised, abundant look.

Whether you decide to go with these predicted trends or start one your own, remember to use Mane ‘n Tail products to keep your new style looking fresh and vibrant.

Our styling pomades like Hair Dressing and Herbal-Gro can help create the up-dos, buns, ponytails and waves that are trending in 2013.

Our Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner will help keep your new colors vibrant and current, helping to inspire the emotions intended by the tones and hues you chose.

Our Braid Sheen Spray will be a great benefit when you’re trying for some of the polished or unrefined hair styles, like the windblown fishtail braid.

So while you might find that it takes time and money to recreate your new look, be assured that Mane ‘n Tail will help you maintain that look in a less costly and timely manner.

You’ll look great and feel great knowing you completed at least one of your New Year’s Resolutions! Embrace 2013!

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