Fun in Florida, but not for my hair!

Climate change on hairWondering why this blog has been so quiet? I took a vacation last week from the winter of the North to the warmer weather of the South.

Coming from a colder climate to the warm climate of Florida (Pine Island to be exact) really had an effect on my hair! First of all, it was stressing out because of the change from cold to hot. Not to mention that the ocean’s salt content did not play will with my hair at all! The salt water removes excessive amounts of natural moisture which means I will see split ends faster, as well as hair color loss.

We took a wonderful boat trip in Pine Island Sound to Cabbage Key and the and then to the beach at Cayo Costa State Park. While I protected by skin with large amounts of sun screen, I did not think about sun damage to my hair. The UV rays the sun produces dries out the hair. The salt content from my sweat didn’t help either, which raises the PH factor for the hair.

warm climateThank goodness I packed Mane ‘n Tail hair products! The Color Protect Shampoo (available exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply), helped to preserve my hair color that cleans without stripping, providing hair with long lasting body, shine and fullness.

Mane ‘n Tail Detangler was so essential! This spray treatment helps to eliminate tangles and knots from swimming in the ocean. With its unique formula with natural herbal extracts, it strengthens and fortifies.

Sad to leave sunny, warm Florida, but so happy I brought Mane ‘n Tail hair products! I brought extra for my sister, who I went down there to begin with to visit. She is the owner of Little Lilly’s Island Deli on Pine Island in Bokeelia, Florida. From all the hand washing she does while working at the deli, her skin gets so dry. She LOVES Mane ‘n Tail Hoofmaker!

Bonus tip: If you visit the deli, order the Clam and Corn Chowder.

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