Like Mother, Like Daughter you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “I look just like my mom?” Well, that’s because you probably do! We have two copies of each of our genes – one from our mothers and one from our fathers. Our hair color and texture is dictated by such genes.

According to Julie Oh, a Geneticist from Stanford University, we get our hair color from special pigments called melanins. “You can think of these pigments as dyes that color our hair,” she writes. “There are many genes that determine how much of each pigment our cells make.” And some genes are are recessive, meaning they can easily get “overridden” by a dominant gene. For example, if your mother is blonde, but your father has black hair, you probably have dark hair like your father. This is because blonde would be the recessive gene in this match up, and dark would be the dominant gene.

Like many traits given to us by our parents, we don’t always like our hair color or type. Unlike other traits given to us by our parents, such a eye color or height, our hair can be manipulated easily to suit our purposes.

Many people dye their hair to a color more suited to their personalities. Others try to find products that help them deal with the texture and style of their hair. Once they find a product they like, consumers tend to be loyal. Mane ‘n Tail customers rave about our line of shampoos and conditioners specially designed for humans. In a Yahoo! Answers post, a happy customer “mrsparadise9” writes: “I’ve used it for years, and I remember the very first wash made my hair so soft and shiny. After a couple years, my hair is healthy regardless of my diet.”

Discover the secret for beautiful hair that “mrsparadise9” and others like her already know: The Original Mane ‘n Tail product line provides hair care solutions for long, luxurious, thicker, fuller hair! There’s even a shampoo and conditioner designed for color treated hair (found exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply). And if you see your mom’s hair reflected back at you in the mirror, share the secret with her this Mother’s Day. Personal hair care products that work are a great way of showing your thanks and appreciation!

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