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Dry Hair

Whether you are visiting Grandma’s house for the holidays or taking some time off, photos will be taken! Look your best and remember to pack those hair care essentials!

Here are a few tips from celebrity stylist, Angelo David of Angelo David Salon in New York City.

1. Both hot and cold weather can make your hair frizzy and dry. Pack a great frizz-fighting formula and indulge in a great leave-in before you go to protect your strands from harsh elements and holiday stress.

Herbal-Gro Shampoo is a micro-enriched protein formula that is designed to prevent breakage, frizz, and split ends, leaving hair stronger and longer.

2. The right tools are important to look pretty in those pictures! Try a travel-sized brush like the Angelo David Small Paddle Brush to keep your strands smooth and tangle-free.

3. Try quick and easy hair styles to get you looking great during your getaway. A playful side braid with a ponytail or a messy chignon can give you extra oomph, adding a little lift to your look in no time.

Try Mane ‘n Tail Braid Sheen Spray to help turn your ponytail into a glamorous hair effect!

4. Avoid having your hair color done right before you leave home. Do a deep conditioning treatment or amp up your use of leave-in conditioner instead to keep your tresses moisturized and shiny.

5. Minimize shampoo use during your trip. If necessary, invest in a hydrating shampoo with color protectant.

Check out Mane ‘n Tail’s Color Protect product line. Available in both a conditioner and a shampoo, each formulated to moisturize, strengthen and repair color treated hair, without weighing it down. Available exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply!

Travel tip: If an item can’t be put in a carry-on, pour it into a mini-container and take it with you. It’s worth it!

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