Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Princess Leia Buns“Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?” – Princess Leia, Star Wars

Let’s all be thankful that Star Wars Wookie, Chewbacca’s look didn’t become trendy. It’s much easier to try and imitate Princess Leia’s iconic buns. For those of us who did, and I know you’re out there, we know accomplishing this look takes having really long hair. Any Star Wars fan knows that according to Alderaanian customs, Leia’s hair was allowed to grow long. If you’re thinking about dressing up as Luke’s sister for Halloween, start growing out your hair now. (Tip: Users swear Mane ‘n Tail helps grow long hair.)

Want to impress the boys now? Check out the Galactic Princess Headphone Covers. Made from synthetic hair, these accessories will spice up how your headphones look and are available in three colors (auburn, blonde or red) to match the color of your own hair. The Star Wars character’s famous hairstyle has served as an inspiration for an Etsy creator – Jacqueline LongLegs. (Photo by Jacquie Coe)

Or make them yourself with earmuffs and cheap weaves. has directions on how you can make these cute, inexpensive “buns” in just a few minutes.

Try on Princess Leia-inspired hair in’s virtual hairstyle studio, which also allows you to try on other celeb-inspired hairstyles. For those who have long hair, I especially like this tip from’s Stephanie Simons:

For a looser, softer interpretation of this look, you can also create pom-pom like bunches of hair on either side of your head by curling the hair and wearing it poufed around the ears. When you remove your Princess Leia hairstyle, low and behold, you’ll have wildly wavy hair that’s completely beach-worthy, which makes it great for sleeping in when you want to create waves (while still being about to sleep on your back).

To help hold those buns in place, try Mane ‘n Tail Braid Sheen Spray. It’s the ultimate conditioning moisturizer for natural and synthetic hair control. This natural herbal complex is blended in a ph-balanced water-based formula that softens and conditions.

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