Pump up the volume!

Hair VolumeWhat does hair volume mean to you? Fuller hair, more bounce, a lot of body… just not flat and lifeless!

Barb Quinn, a nationally recognized hairhairdresser, educator, makeover artist, freelance writer and beauty blogger, has an easy way to determine hair volume:
Pull your hair back into a ponytail. If the base of the ponytail is very slim—about the diameter of a dime—the hair volume would put you into the thin hair category. Another clue for thin hair volume: can you see your scalp when your hair is wet? If so, your hair is probably a thin hair volume type.

Find out what it means if your ponytail is “two-fisted”—and looks almost like a true horse’s tail. Read the rest of Barb’s blog.

We know that having fuller hair is something a lot of women strive for. Our original horse to human crossover shampoo provides fuller, stronger, longer, healthier hair. Yes, Mane ‘n Tail products were originally developed for horses. But when horse owners reported seeing significant improvement in the health and appearance of their horses’ manes and tails, similar results were seen when horse owners and groomers used the products on themselves! And the word spread, try Mane ‘n Tail products yourself!

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Hair Care Tip: Use Herbal-Gro Spray Therapy at the roots of your hair, just a little spritz to give your hair some added body and protection from heat styling.

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