Is Your Hair Summer Ready?

Summer Hair TipsSummer’s almost here – what are you planning? Maybe a fun, family vacation to Disney? Perhaps a romantic trip to the beach? Maybe you’ll be planting a garden, repainting the house or building a deck? No matter what your summer plans are, chances are good, there’s a lot of pre-planning involved.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect bikini? Are you making a list of beach essentials, of garden accessories, of painting tools? When planning on spending any amount of time outside in the hot, summer sun, it’s always a good idea make sure you’re taking care of your skin and hair. That means adding not only sunscreen, but Mane ‘n Tail hair products to your packing or shopping list as well!

“Repeated exposure to elements in the summer can dry and damage your hair and it’s color,” writes Daisy, from Daisy’s Hair Design, “causing brassiness and fading.” Take precautions before you head outdoors – hats are great for offering protection, and they can be fashionable as well! A stylish umbrella or pretty painted parasol is perfect for a day at the park. Tie a colorful scarf around your head before you enjoy that bike ride or spin in the convertible.

And even though you take steps to reduce the amount of sun exposure your hair gets, you still have to take measures to protect your hair’s health and color before and after your time outside.

In her “Summer Hair Care Tips“, Karen Marie Shelton reminds us that “Hair needs to be treated more gently during the summer.” Karen also advises, “Consider switching to a more moisturizing and overall gentle shampoo.” Mane ‘n Tail’s Deep Moisturizing Shampoo fits the bill! It repairs damaging effects of the environment using deep hydrating botanicals and Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5.

If you don’t have a hat nearby, consider the style of your hair, finding a look that’s pleasing but also protecting. “For longer hair, you can’t do better than a braid this summer,” writes Beth Minardi of Hair’s How Magazine. “Not only do braids look fantastic but they are a great way of controlling longer lengths.” Braids also expose less of your hair to the sun’s rays. Mane ‘n Tail has the perfect product to keep your braids tight and healthy, Braid Sheen Spray! It holds braids tighter and longer while providing the ultimate conditioning moisturizer for natural and synthetic hair control.

This summer, as you dart in and out of the blue skies and yellow rays, drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen often to protect your skin and remember, it’s not just your skin that needs protection and rejuvenation from the harmful sun’s rays – your hair does too. Adding Mane ‘n Tail to your travel or beach bags is a great step in keeping your hair healthier longer!

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