The “S” Wave

easy wavesIn my last blog, I talked about the impossibly straight Type 1 hair associated with beauties like Cher and Uma Thurman. Now, I’ll dig into Type 2, a wavy hair found on such celebrities as Lisa Kudrow and Sandra Bullock. Type 2 is a cross between the straightness of Hair Type 1 and the extreme curl of Hair Type 3 and sometimes dubbed Hair Type “S” because of the distinct S pattern that produces waves. Like Type 1, Type 2 hair lays flat, but in Type 2, an S forms near the scalp and goes to the ends.

Hair Type 2
There are 3 subcategories associated with Type 2 and as you can probably guess, the first, Type 2A leans towards the less curly while Type 2C more closely resembles Type 3 hair. For all Type 2’s, we recommend Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo – after all, it was originally formulated for horses, who surely with their wavy manes must fall into the Type 2 category.

Type 2A is fine or thin, although with more texture than a Type 1 hair. This is one of the most versatile types to style. Because of the fineness, it can easily be blown out straight, but since there is already a natural S shape to it, it’s also simple to manipulate it into a more curly look. If you’re wanting to do some different, recommends a layered look. “No matter if you’re sporting long, short, or medium hairstyles, layers will give your waves movement and body, making your tresses truly live up to their name. Be aware, though, that the shorter the cut, the straighter your hair will appear — so if you want to keep your wavy look, stick with medium hairstyles, and don’t go too short.”

In Type 2B hair, the S pattern is more prominent since the hair has a medium texture to it. The benefit of a Type 2B is the perfectly natural carefree look that so many people strive for. The downside is its harder to style and tends to be frizzy. To help control the frizz we recommend Shine On, a finishing spray which locks in moisture and eliminates frizz. For styling, suggests parting your hair in different spots. “Switch up the depth, direction, and even very existence of your hair partings for different looks.”

If your hair has that S pattern, but is thick and coarse, you’re probably a Type 2C, but you might be wondering if you’re a Type 3A? Remember, Type 2 hair keeps that S shape, but doesn’t actually curl into ringlets like Type 3. Also, Type 2 hair might wave, but it doesn’t bounce. Type 2C’s need a lot of product for styling and frizziness is very common. The waves of this type look great in braids, advises

“Punch up your style by adding small braids or twists, strategically placed to frame your face, pull hair back from your crown area, or just add a bit of extra texture drama in the midst of otherwise smoother locks.” Don’t forget to add Braid Sheen Spray, which will help hold your braids longer and tighter, while soothing the itchy symptom of dry and frizzy hair.

If you’re looking in the mirror and think the shape of your hair resembles curly Q’s rather than wavy S’s, hang on for my next blog, where I’ll offer advice on what Mane ‘n Tail products work best for you and your Type 3 hair!

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