What do I do with a pomade?

What do I do with a pomade?Beauty products are a big market and sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed in the hair care aisle. One kind of product offered by Mane ‘n Tail that you might not be all that familiar with is our line of pomades. Our pomades are used by a variety of people with different types of hair.

I have to admit, I had NO idea what a pomade was. Why would I ever want to use it in my hair? I found my answers trying out the Mane ‘n Tail pomades.

What is pomade?
Pomade is pronounced pom-ade, just like it is spelled. As it turns out, it’s a great product for adding shine and a bit of separation to your hair style. It differs from hair spray in that it doesn’t “hold” your style in place, rather, it helps define that style. It’s greaser and oiler than a gel and won’t dry like a hair cream. It works best on thicker hair and even better on curly or kinky hair.

A little pomade goes a long way, so use only a drop or two at a time. “Use these products very sparingly by emulsifying the hair pomade into your palms until it’s barely there,” writes Style Hair Magazine. “Then rake your fingers through your hair, making sure to get some product on the under layers. To finish, skim gently over the surface of the hair, coaxing stray hairs into the natural waves where they’re supposed to be.

Which pomade is best for me?
Follow through to the ends for best definition… and don’t forget about the back.” Mane ‘n Tail offers a few different kinds of pomade, so let’s find the perfect one for you!

Mane ‘n Tail’s Hair Dressing is an advanced styling pomade which is fortified with rich emollients that add luster and shine to the hair. Made to use daily, it moisturizes and conditions while helping to prevent split ends and frizz. and dryness.

Mane ‘n Tail also offers Herbal-Gro, an advanced herbal styling and conditioning pomade that transforms dull lifelessness into beautiful hair. Although it is safe and gentle for all hair types, it works great for relaxed or chemically treated hair.

“Bennodalove” gave it a great review on makeupalley.com. “The smell is soooo good… rather sweet but not overpowering. I use it after washing/conditioning my hair whilst it’s still damp, and I also use it on occasions when my hair is just looking dull or feeling dry.”

Take it up another notch and use Mane ‘n Tail’s Maximum Herbal-Gro — an advanced maximum styling and conditioning pomade that utilizes a more concentrated blend of natural herbs than our other pomades. It’s very popular with women of color.

“Carmella” from Michigan writes on ebonyline.com. “I love the cream therapy and it really makes your hair feels great. makes it shiny and soft. your hair will grow more if you massage your scalp with it. the moisture it has really moisturizes your hair. Pros: moisturizes, strengthens, grows hair. I would recommend this item to a friend.”

Increase Masculine Beauty
Men, try pomade for cooler hair styles, like the retro punk 50’s pompadour! Or if you need to create a stylish and elegant well-groomed “Rudolph Valentino” look, the only thing that will help you is pomade! Read more here.

Hair Dressing works well in men who have beards! In a review on Amazon, “Rich” gives the product 4.0 out of 5 stars and describes it as a “Nice product for Beards.” “Bought this as an alternative to using pomade to condition my beard,” he writes. “It works pretty well. There’s a LOT in a little jar and you only need a small amount, and it’s also very, very inexpensive! Overall it’s a nice product for beard conditioning and adds shine and softness.”

That’s your (and mine) hair dressing lesson for the day! I’m positive we’ll both find a Mane ‘n Tail pomade that works great for our hair.

Educating yourself about the type of your hair and the products that work with it will keep your hair healthy and luxurious!

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