Mane ‘n Tail Introduces Two New Products; Herbal-Gro & Maximum Herbal-Gro Hair Dressings

Mane ‘n Tail Introduces Two New Products;
Herbal-Gro & Maximum Herbal-Gro Hair Dressings

BETHLEHEM, PA (November 1, 2001) — Straight Arrow Products, Inc., the makers of The Original Mane ‘n Tail shampoo & conditioner have created two new hair products designed to beautify, condition and add luster to women’s hair: Mane ‘n Tail Herbal-Gro and Mane ‘n Tail Maximum Herbal-Gro Hair Dressings.

“This represents our continued pursuit to create a full line of hair products that will meet the needs of people everywhere,” says Devon Katzev, president of Straight Arrow, Inc. “Our findings, especially among the ethnic population, point out a demand for high-quality hair products that not only make hair look good, but protect it from the harsh elements of everyday life. These two products really work.”

Mane n’ Tail Herbal-Gro and Mane ‘n Tail Maximum Herbal-Gro are designed to utilize the natural power of herbs in an exclusively prepared formula to transform dull, lifeless hair and dry scalp into beautiful hair and a healthy, conditioned scalp. They also assist in preventing breakage and split ends while revitalizing, strengthening and moisturizing dry, damaged and relaxed or colored hair.

They join Mane ‘n Tail Hair Dressing, an advanced styling aid that is fortified with rich emollients to moisturize and condition hair while adding luster. They are great for short, wavy, or curly hair and are recommended for use daily for added conditioning.

Straight Arrow is a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania based company that manufactures and distributes its products under The Original Mane ‘n Tail and The Hoofmaker brand names. Straight Arrow presently sells its personal care products through approximately 35,000 locations in North America and Internationally. Distribution includes mass merchants, independent and chain drug stores, specialty cosmetics shops, salons, supermarkets and ag stores.

For more information on Straight Arrow and its products, please call (800) 827-9815.


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